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The Cambodia Restaurant Association (CRA) is a business association created in February 2010, which aims to promote the interest of restaurant businesses operating in Cambodia, as well as innovate & improve the foodservice sector and create a supportive network among corporate and individual members alike.

CRA is a Chapter of the Cambodia Tourism Federation (CTF).

As of April 2023, the CRA counted 65 members, wether sole owners, entrepreneurs, micro, small, medium or large restaurant companies, as well as vendors, suppliers and F&B consulting firms.

You can contact CRA filling this form.


If you wish to meet our team we kindly ask you to set a meeting beforehand through the above contact.

The CRA headquarter is located inside The Academy Of Culinary Arts Cambodia’s Building, on The Third Floor. Street 139, No. 23, Sangkat Veal Vong, Khan 7 Makara, Phnom Penh

CRA membership provides restaurateurs and allied businesses legislative and regulatory representation, important resources for your business, and industry-specific communications, programming, marketing support, as well as workshops.

 Also, take advantage of exclusive discounts, networking events & promotion of your business!

All companies and professionals related to F&B industry are welcomed to join the Association. CRA works for you, whether you are a restaurant owner or restaurant group (micro, small, medium or large size) a service provider supporting the industry, or an entrepreneur looking to connect with the region’s foodservice community. To apply simply fill out the online membership form. For any clarifications please contact us via the following form.

The CRA proposes six types of membership, depending on the size & features of your business.


  • One location, sole owner : $150/Y
  • Corporation smaller than 300 employees : $300/Y
  • Corporation larger than 300 employees : $500/Y


For ASSOCIATES (Non-Profit Organizations):

  • $250/Y



  • Medium Size: $500/Y
  • Large size: $1000/Y

Of course! non-profit organizations, educational facilities, medias and influencers, which are focusing on the food service industry are very welcome to becoming a CRA member. By being a member, your are entitled to several benefits :

Educate yours circles and students with industry exclusive content & resources. 

Save on training materials, attend educational events, and meet industry leaders to grow your network. 

Stay current on issues and news impacting the restaurant, foodservice & hospitality industry.

Of course! All professionals who are working within the food service industry or hospitality are well-welcome to be part of the CRA large family. You can be either a sole proprietor, a supplier, a vendor, or a company whatever your size is.

Membership will last one calendar year, from January to December. Applications received from July onwards will be subjected to pro-rata rates.

Once received, the membership application will be submitted to the attention of the Board Directory, which will make a final decision within 2 weeks’ time.

All CRA members are listed in our website.

CRA is an advocate for restaurants and the broad food service industry. The association works hardly to keep its members informed about changes in legislation and business regulatory matters at the local and national level that will affect the way they run their business. Therefore by the tool of advocacy, the CRA is committed to helping its members’ businesses succeed by: 

– Providing valuable tools needed to develop their own business

 – Improving the competitiveness and quality standards in this industry 

– Generating employment in this sector 

– Contributing to the elaboration of a diploma with existent organisms for national and international recognition 

– Helping the government in creating a set of standard references in three domains: Health & Hygiene, Employment & Labour, Commercial & Quality labels 

– Representing its members at the city, regional and national level with all the Cambodian Government Agencies

Registering your company is essential to be legally implemented in Cambodia, as well as to be entitled to a wide range of opportunities. Indeed, restaurant registration offers both legal and economic benefits including but not limited to: 

– Create personal identity and acquire legal personality for your business

– Protect your business name, prevent from trade name and trademark infringement and unfair competition 

– Attract investment and business confidence, enabling your business to grow sustainably

The cost for restaurant business registration varies depending on the size of your restaurant and depending as well on the form of the company you register. 

For instance, if you own a medium size restaurant and you choose to register as a private limited company, the cost would be the minimum $1100. 

Conversely, if you are the owner of a large enterprise, the cost for registration would be the maximum approximately $2400. 

To know more about the different applicable costs of the registration process and to ask your questions, dont’ wait to get your guidebook upon regulatory compliance of restaurant businesses in Cambodia.

During your restaurant registration phase I, you will obtain digital licenses from three main ministries which are Ministry of Commerce, General Department of Taxation and Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training. 

Then, you will need to apply other business licenses from specialized ministries depending on your business activity. 

To learn more about the digital licences you need to apply in order to be legally implemented in Cambodia, get our guidebook!

Within only 8 days, you can conduct your restaurant business legally in Cambodia, and be entitled to a wide range of economic & legal benefits.

To effectively and quickly register your restaurant business, all you’ll need is a computer, a good internet connexion, and of course the CRA Guidebook that explains step by step all the process and requirements needed to start your restaurant business legally in Cambodia!

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