Cambodia Restaurant Association

The Cambodia Restaurant Association

Was created in February 2010 with the aim to develop, improve & bring innovation to the Cambodia’s restaurant industry. The CRA is a non-profit organisation established in accordance with the Laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It is organised in the legal form of a business association and registered in compliance with the applicable laws & regulations of the country.

CRA is committed to helping its members' businesses succed by:

  • Providing valuable tools needed to develop their own business
  • Improving the competitiveness & quality standards in this industry
  • Generating employment in this sector
  • Contributing to the elaboration of a diploma with existent organisms for national & international recognition
  • Helping the government in creating a set of standard references in three domains: Health & Hygiene, Employment & Labour, Commercial & Quality Labels
  • Representing its members at the city, regional & national level with all the Cambodian Government Agencies


The Food & Beverage industry is one of the leading industries

in Cambodia,

& represents the second largest

private-sector employer.


To establish a serene & flourishing relationship between the different actors of this industry.


To develop, improve and innovate the foodservice industry of Cambodia.

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