Cambodia Restaurant Association

About us

About the Cambodia Restaurant Association! The Cambodia Restaurant Association was created in February 2010 with the aim to develop, improve and bring innovation to Cambodia’s restaurant industry. The Cambodia Restaurant Association is a non-profit association established in accordance with the Laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia. It is organized in the legal form of a business association and registered in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia.


CRA IS COMMITTED to helping its members’ businesses succeed by:

  • Providing valuable tools needed to develop their own business
  • Improving the competitiveness and quality standards in this industry
  • Generating employment in this sector
  • Contributing to the elaboration of a diploma with existent organisms for national and international recognition
  • Helping the government in creating a set of standard references in three domains: Health & Hygiene, Employment & Labour, Commercial & Quality labels
  • Representing its members at the city, regional and national level with all the Cambodian Government Agencies


Restaurant: Food and Beverage Industry = One of the leading industries in Cambodia


To establish a serene and flourishing relationship between the different actors of this industry


To develop, improve and innovate Cambodia’s restaurant industry

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