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This brand new outlet aims to be the last word in premium Cantonese cuisine in the Toul Kork area. The neighborhood is ready to take fine dining to the next level. This is reflected in our exceptional culinary innovations, like all-new Yi Sang exclusive dish, organic roasted Kulen pig sourced from sacred mountain, Phnom Kulen.

In addition to Phnom Penh’s premier fresh Dimsum and live seafood, our dishes incorporate classic Chinese ingredients, and complementary local specialty ingredients like Bong Kong- giant Mekong river prawn- and Kampot pepper.

Located in a remodeled villa on Street 337, the spacious site includes private dining rooms, dedicated space for special events like wedding receptions, and alfresco dining in the leafy garden, terraces or expansive rooftop.

Yi Sang: we make fine Cantonese dining in the heart of Toul Kork possible!

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