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CORARL HR is a secured cloud human resource management system that focuses on improving workplace communication chain and reducing HR workload. 📍Key Features📍 👉 Employment - manages employee's movement from hiring to exiting. 👉 Time & Attendance - overnight shifts, work schedule, public holiday, leave, mission, and overtime. 👉 Terminal - connected to physical attendance device such as fingerprint to gather information such as late, leave early, loss hours, missing clocks, etc 👉 Payroll - Automatic allowance and deduction calculation integrated with attendance including perfect attendance allowance, OT allowance, late deduction, loss hour deduction, missing clock deduction, etc. 👉 Request & Approval - Request and approve payroll, time log, leave, overtime, mission, and more. 👉 Report - Unlimited reports which can be customized, exported and printed at ease. 👉 Notification - Email, Web, desktop, and mobile push notification. 👉 Dashboard Analytic - Visual report with graphical representation. 👉 Multiple Languages - English, Khmer, Chinese and more 👉 Multiple Branches - Manage all brances from one location

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