High Impact Tourism Training ( HITT)

The Cambodia Restaurant Association (CRA) took ownership of the HITT program since December 2013. The first started was on 20th August 2014. It is a module style training program that can be implemented individually or as a full program. Each module is implemented in one day (total 8 hours of training). The training designed to have an immediate effect on the capacity of staff. It is practical training that strengthens the skills, knowledge and capabilities of hospitality staff in small and medium enterprise.

In receiving ownership to the HITT program, CRA has a responsibility to include SNV, EU and HITT logo visible until end on 2015. Two master trainers are available for implementation. Any further modules developed should either reflect the developers or only CRA.

From August 2014 to date, five modules have been provided to members with 63 trainer involving 22 restaurants.